Oval Drum Bluetooth Speaker with LED Ring Gentle


The Oval Drum Bluetooth Speaker is a must-have. You can play music by simply pressing the touchpad. It has a built-in battery that lets you enjoy your favorite music anytime you want and anywhere. The Oval Drum with LED light creates a warm sound, which makes your music come to life. With its Bluetooth connectivity, NFC connectivity, and 3.5 input jack, this portable speaker offers convenience and ease of use.

  • Bluetooth 5.0. Allows you to effortlessly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • High-volume double diaphragm. Delivers gorgeously loud, well-balanced & high-quality sound even in large rooms
  • Anti-skid base design. Protects this device from easily falling off to any surface
  • LED ring light. Adds an ultimate party vibe to your music
  • Longer playtime. Lets you play up to 18 hours of pure entertainment
  • Built-in mic. Allows you to answer your phone hands-free


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