Oppo patent reveals a smartphone idea with a removable rear view digital camera module

The Oppo N1 with a rotating camera module was launched in 2013. Soon after, the Oppo N3 followed with a more advanced motorized camera lift. Years later, Asus tried a similar iteration with the Asus ZenFone 6 and later the ZenFone 7 Pro in 2020. It now appears that Oppo is back to the drawing board experimenting with a new design that includes this a completely detachable camera module. Yes, a camera module that separates from the main body of the smartphone, which Oppo’s patent, filed before WIPO, explains in detail.

As you can see in the picture above, the entire camera module can be detached with multiple lenses, sensors and the LED flash. The The camera module has its own rechargeable battery which enables it to function as a remote-controlled image capture and video recorder. You can place the camera module anywhere and take pictures remotely by playing with the camera app installed on the smartphone. This iteration can prove to be very helpful for video recording as you want to worry about your hands shaking and making a video full of jerky movements.

Photo credit: WIPO

Hey Oppo please make it real!

In addition, the The interchangeable camera module has its own USB port that you can plug into the USB port on the smartphone to click selfies and make video calls. The USB plug of the camera module is bent at 90 degrees When the camera module is reinserted into the housing slot on the rear, the connector does not protrude or obstruct it.

A removable camera module, which can also take on selfie tasks, eliminates the need for a front camera housed in a notch or hole-punch cutout, thus contributing to a clean full-screen design. However, This is a patent we’re talking about, which means things are still in the conceptual phase and Oppo may never make a commercially available device with an interchangeable camera module. But hey, that’s a cool concept that we’d love to make a reality.

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