Operate101 ELEVATE Laptop computer Stand for MacBook & iPad


The Function101 ELEVATE stand for MacBooks and iPads expands to create 4 practical positions that raise your laptop and screen for better ergonomics and great- looking video calls. Its minimalistic form factor maintains a clean workspace while its slim foldable design makes it easy to store when not in use and the perfect stand to take on the go. Elevate is crafted from lightweight ultra-durable plastic with an eco-leather top surface and a rubberized edge to protect against accidental drops.

  • Slim, compact form factor. Ideal stand for home or office use; perfect solution to take on the road
  • Mini draft table. Raises your iPad to a healthier angle when you’re in creative mode or just taking notes
  • Flat platform. Securely holds all models of iPad in either portrait or landscape mode
  • Minimalistic. Complements your Apple hardware keeping your workspace neat & organized
  • Space-saving. Provides the extra height you need without the permanent bulk of larger stands


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