OnePlus takes cell pictures with Hasselblad partnership severely: OnePlus 9 begins on March 23

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus used to be the affordable Android maker challenging the leading Android makers. Now it is offering high-end flagship products that will take the rest forward while also being offered at a slightly lower price. One area where the OnePlus phones still can’t beat Google or Samsung is in photography. This new partnership aims to address this segment.

While OnePlus phones can take amazing photos, the quick snapshot cannot be transferred to other phones by regular users. A new three-year partnership with Hasselblad will hopefully lead to significant improvements, and in a few weeks we will see the first results in a redesigned OnePlus 9-series camera system.

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OnePlus plans to invest more than $ 150 million over the next three years to improve its imaging capabilities. The phones already have some of the best displays, great hardware, timely updates, and high-end specs out there. So it will be interesting to see if Hasselblad can help improve computer photography and other aspects of the OnePlus imaging experience.

We previously saw a Hasselblad Moto Mod that didn’t live up to expectations. I hope Hasselblad’s active commitment to OnePlus will be more successful. According to OnePlus, the partnership begins with software improvements with the Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, including a new advanced Pro mode (manual).

If we look at the OnePlus Twitter feed, we’ve seen a lot of posts recently that focus on moon shots. So I can imagine that we will see some kind of astrophotography functionality in the OnePlus 9. Huawei started with amazing moon shots, then Google and Samsung offered experiences that made astrophotography special that smartphone users could enjoy. We’ll soon see what OnePlus and Hasselblad could develop. On the other hand, Hasselblad cameras have captured the first human steps on the moon, so all this moon hype could be specific to the Hasselblad partnership.

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As part of the three-year partnership, OnePlus’ investment includes four research and development laboratories around the world, including two in the US and Japan. Other areas identified in the press release include improvements to the panorama camera, quick focus on the front-facing camera, and the elimination of edge distortion in extremely wide images.

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