Scooters And One Wheels

Ola desires to make his scooter manufacturing facility the most important on this planet

NEW DELHI: The cab aggregator Ola announced on Wednesday that it has entered into a partnership with Siemens to quickly set up the upcoming production facility for electric vehicles.
This announcement follows Ola’s letter of intent with the Tamil Nadu government to invest nearly 2,400 rupees to build the facility. The factory will create nearly 10,000 jobs and, with an initial capacity of two million units per year, will be the largest motor scooter production facility in the world.
It will serve as Ola’s global manufacturing hub for its customers in India, as well as key markets in Europe, the UK, Latin America and ANZ. Ola’s factory will be based on Industry 4.0 principles and use almost 5,000 robots in various functions.
Bhavish Aggarwal, Group Chairman and CEO, Ola, said, “We look forward to bringing this factory online and putting our products in the hands of customers in the coming months.”
Ola’s upcoming scooter is the first in its range of electric vehicles.

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