NUAIR points UTM-RFI to develop the UTM hall

The New York UAS Test Site Organization, NUAIR, has issued a UTM-RFI (Request for Information). The test site was a key player in testing Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) features and developed a 50 mile drone corridor to enable advanced drone operations testing. Now NUAIR is beginning to evaluate UTM products that will eventually be implemented to further support operations along the corridor – and possibly across the state.

NUAIR is in the process of updating the long-term plan for the New York UTM Corridor functions and systems as the commercialization of UAS applications in New York State progresses. One area of ​​near term concern is the market availability of UAS traffic management elements (UTM) in line with NASA’s UTM architecture to support flight operations within the New York UAS corridor and ultimately beyond, ”said an announcement.

The New York Drone Corridor is an investment in the drone industry. The corridor enables testing of a wide variety of drone ecosystem applications. While the corridor is available for testing advanced drone missions, it also enables the development of assistive technologies: communications networks, ground radar and unmanned traffic management systems. While UTM technology is still in its infancy, NUAIR is interested in what UTM tools can do now – and what still needs to be developed. Finally, the UTM-RFI will lead to a procurement plan. “This Request for Information (RFI) is an attempt to understand the capabilities and limitations of existing UTM products and the planned roadmap for their development. The aim is to develop a procurement strategy to develop a commercially viable UTM capability, including permanent flight management capabilities in the years to come, that meet NUAIR’s long-term customer needs and investment budget. “

From the announcement:

NUAIR is interested in the current and planned options for suppliers to provide a wide range of services as defined in the NASA UTM Architecture and the FAA UTM CONOPs. The features of interest are detailed in the full RFI document below. It is not expected that all of the services described are currently available or that a supplier will have to provide all of the services described. The list of features offers a long-term potential suite of services that NUAIR would like to provide to users flying within the confines of the 50 mile corridor and ultimately beyond.

Interested parties are asked to reply to this communication with an information package. The information packages are due no later than March 15, 2021, 5:00 p.m. (EST) and will be sent by email to [email protected].

Download the full details of this RFI:

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