Ninja Dragon Storm X 4K Twin Digital camera Good Finished


Your future is here with the Ninja Dragon 4K Smart Drone. It’s super simple to take off and land with an optical flow positioning system that allows you to almost keep your hands off the controls when flying, especially if you have trouble taking off/landing from high places like trees. This model also has intelligent gesture recognition for some auto functions like following a subject or avoiding obstacles, and a compact foldable body with extended range flight capabilities so that you can experience longer flight time!

  • 3-sided built-in sensor. Can easily detect & avoid any obstacles
  • Dual 4K HD camera. Adjust the setting to your liking & capture high quality still & moving images
  • 1800mAh modular battery. Enjoy flying in the air for up to 15 mins. w/ great controllability
  • High-pressure shock. Making shooting more stable & clear
  • Precise positioning & anti-shake function. Say goodbye to blurred photos & take more stable & clear shots
  • Optical flow positioning. Accurately lock the height for greater stability when making videos & taking photos
  • Upgraded remote control. No need of complex operation, friendly for beginners, teens, & kids


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