Ninja Dragon Phantom M 4K Twin Digicam Drone


This Ninja Dragon Phantom M 4K Dual Camera Drone has the coolest blue LED design, featuring a built-in three-way obstacle avoidance function so your drone can fly safely. The drone’s camera allows you to take 4K quality short movies, known for its aerial photography and good control. And it is equipped with a 50X mega zoom feature allowing you to take amazing photos.

  • 3-sided built-in sensor. Can easily detect & avoid any obstacles
  • Dual 4K HD camera. Adjust the setting to your liking & capture high quality still & moving images
  • 1800mAh modular battery. Enjoy flying in the air for up to 15 mins. w/ great controllability
  • Gesture recognition. Detects programmed gestures within a 2-meter range
  • Real-time image transmission. Guarantees smooth image transmission within seconds
  • Custom flight path. Draw a route on the App screen & the drone will fly following the path accordingly


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