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B&H offers the latest M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and more

Amazon’s offerings include Apple’s iMacs, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and more

Razer gaming peripherals, LED strips, and more are available for sale today

As usual, the official news starts with deals today and yes, those Samsung Valentine’s Day deals are still there. Starting with Samsung, the Galaxy S21 is still on sale for just $ 99 if you trade-in unlocked it and instantly get $ 50 in accessory credit. The S21 + is available for just $ 199 with an additional $ 75 balance and the S21 Ultra is available for $ 399 with an instant balance of $ 100. By the way, don’t forget that SUPCASE is still our preferred choice for device protection. Use the promo code 10POCKETNOW on Amazon for a 10% discount on the award-winning UB Pro, or use the promo code POCKETNOW15 on for a 15% discount as well. On Amazon, the latest iMac is currently $ 140 less, while the 512GB storage model costs $ 1,859. Amazon also has a couple of good bundles, like the Galaxy Note 20 option, which comes with the Watch Active 2 for $ 1018, saving you $ 251 in all colorways. Finally, the Echo Show 8 is now $ 50 cheaper, so it ships $ 80. We have more deals on Razer gaming peripherals, other Macs, and more. And guys, our Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra Giveaway with SUPCASE ends tomorrow at midnight. So follow the first link in the description and enter the promo code POCKETNOWGALAXY to increase your chances of winning.

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X65 5G modem promises an Internet speed of 10 Gbit / s

Coming to Qualcomm, as the company just announced the new Snapdragon X65 5G modem, which brings some crazy promises. This is the 4th generation of the company’s flagship modems if you think of it. The biggest promise in this is that it will bring 10 Gigabit 5G to the table thanks to a new fixed wireless access platform, making it the first modem RF system in the world to match those numbers. This modem has an upgradeable architecture that can be adapted via software updates and is therefore future-proof. Qualcomm is also bringing a new 4th generation mmWave antenna that claims to improve mmWave coverage as well as energy efficiency while supporting higher transmit power. It is also based on AI Antenna Tuning technology to improve cellphone performance and efficiency, delivering faster speeds with better battery life. And folks, there is actually a ton of technical details and a full article on I’m not going to bore you with the details, but yeah, it all sounds * pretty * amazing.

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset is conceptually rendered. Hey, Ready Player One!

Apple is working with TSMC to develop a micro-OLED display for its AR devices: Report

Now it’s time for Apple’s mixed and augmented reality devices that hit the headlines. First off, we have some new concept renders made based on the sketch we received from them last week. * I agree * looks like a pair of AirPods Max that have been set. In the visor you can see from the outside that there are several sensors and cameras that look like face recognition. However, these are designed to track the environment while you are using the headset. From inside you can see the 2 displays that will supposedly be 8K panels, plus a pillow and a slot for your nose. * I agree *, everything seriously looks like it came from Ready Player One. Regarding those 8K displays inside, we have a new report from Nikkei Asia claiming that Apple hired TSMC to develop micro-OLED displays to be used in augmented reality devices. These displays are not built into glass as is the case with smartphones. Apparently they are built right into wafers, and I also thought about cookies first, but this allows the displays to be much thinner, smaller, and more energy efficient. Apparently, production of these displays is currently in the testing phase, and mass production will actually take a few years to begin. We’ll see what we get and how much exactly “a couple of years” is.

More details on Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 can be found online

Let’s talk about Samsung, which should have been quite a busy year. Recent leaks claim we could have the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 as early as July, so leaks naturally occur. Now we have a new report from Sam Mobile that gives us more details on what to expect. In the report, they shared the model number for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, along with the fact that it will be available with at least 256GB of storage, with Android 11 running immediately on a new One UI 3.5. When it comes to the Z Flip 3, they shared the model number as well and it will apparently bring 128GB and 256GB storage options and run the same software combination. Going back to the Z-Fold, we recently got some renders that said we should expect the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera module as well as a selfie shooter under the display, but we should take that with a grain of salt. What we expect are slightly smaller displays to fit an S Pen into the case. For the Z Flip 3, we expect a 120 Hz display with narrower bezels and a design that is similar to the regular S21 models. We don’t have a lot of other information on the Z Flip or the rumored Z Flip Lite, but we’ll see what we get in the end. And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk Android 12 when we at least get near the announcement. Some recent reports have claimed that Google is trying to remove a game from Apple’s privacy book and now we have confirmation. We have some new screenshots from Android 12 restored from XDA showing some known changes as you rock iOS 14. In the upper right corner you will now get a green dot if the camera is in use or an orange dot if the microphone has been used recently. Google is also adding buttons that can be used to universally disable the camera and microphone on the user interface. This is more than what Apple offers. Another change that is similar to iOS 14 is the new widgets interface, * who would have thought *. But seriously, these now offer a cleaner look that allows things to look more organized instead of having some rounded corners and others sharp. We did a little bit of privacy last week, explaining how Google wants to implement app tracking transparency too, albeit less strictly than what Cupertino will bring with iOS 14.5. Remember, these screenshots have not been verified and we are still months away, but I mean, changes to privacy are always welcome, especially from Google.

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