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New Oppo charging applied sciences deal with security and velocity

Oppo announced many new battery technologies at the Oppo Flash Charge Open Day a few days ago, with an emphasis on battery safety detection, improving reliability, durability and charging speed. Every new technology innovation aims to improve performance and provide more safety measures if the worst happens to the battery in a device while fast charging.

According to Oppo, its batteries only lose 20% of their capacity after around 1500 cycles, which would exceed the requirements by 300%. All thanks to the hardware and AI software optimizations the company has been working on for many years.

The internal string double cell structure offers a new, innovative way of packing two battery cells into one compact battery. A layer of polymer allows the two batteries to work seamlessly and independently.

There will also be a new battery safety detection chip to prevent accidents. The chip helps identify potential problems with a battery long before the human eye notices anything. The chip checks for abnormal voltage drops and uses AI algorithms to intelligently check the health of a cell. If a battery is damaged or needs to be replaced, the user can be alerted to the hidden risk of safety problems.

A new intelligent charging algorithm will also ensure that the regulation of the charging process is balanced and safe. It recognizes different batteries, different battery capacities, charging adapters and the battery usage status in order to offer the best possible speeds. Once everything has been checked and analyzed by the software, it will determine which electricity is the best that generates less heat.

Extremely low temperature = difficult to charge?
No ️
Our ultra-low temperature charging technology has proven it.

– OPPO (@oppo) July 28, 2021

Oppo will also equip its phones with gallium nitride, which has better dielectric strength than silicon, resulting in smaller chargers, more efficient currents and less energy wasted on heating. Oppo also claimed that its 65W Super VOOC switch is now about 20% faster, which can fully charge a 4,500mAh battery in 30 minutes.

Roland Udvarlaki

Roland is a UK based technology enthusiast and software engineer. He is also a content creator and author and is best known by the name “Techusiast”.

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