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New motorbike and scooter gross sales are recovering

THE MCIA has released its new motorcycle and scooter sales data for March 2021, and while it won’t show a full return to normal once we get out of the lockdown, the first signs are promising.

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According to statistics from the MCIA, Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs and the collective term for all motorcycles and scooters) are still the mode of transport of choice for commuters who want to get off public transport for something more socially distant.

In particular, scooter sales rose 26.2 percent in the same period last year, while sales of new motorcycles fell by just over 1,400 units in the same period. It’s worth noting that the UK hasn’t been fully closed for much of March 2020, unlike 2021 when many retail businesses, including motorcycle dealers, were forced to close.

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Those switching to the new generation of electrically powered scooters and motorcycles were highlighted by the MCIA data. Registrations in March rose a whopping 151.5 percent over the previous year. This statistic applies to full size electric motorcycles and smaller, cheaper electric scooters.

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The best seller in March 2021 was the extremely successful Yamaha NMax 125 with 813 units sold. The new Triumph Trident 660 with 306 units of the fast and elegant roadster has also sold well.

The top-selling manufacturer was, quite predictably, Honda, with 1,768 units moved in March alone. The total number of new registrations in March 2021 exceeded 12,268, 20% less than the same period last year, but looked good for a strong 2021.

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