New drones and distant ID: who cares? They do.

When the FAA released the Remote ID rule late last year, the drone industry had as many questions as answers. What about new hardware and remote ID solutions? How will manufacturers comply? Can drone owners get a simple firmware update? Does the solution require a hardware solution or a major change? What if the UAS I am buying today cannot be updated?

At the last NCAUVSI session “Let’s Talk Drones” (last Friday of the month – discuss all things about drones with the experts from AUVSI!) This was a hot topic of conversation. While some drone operators indicated that compliance will not be required for nearly three years. At this point, you may want a new plane anyway. However, other pilots were reluctant to invest before manufacturers explain how they intend to comply with the remote ID rules.

We asked our readers to weigh up using a DRONELIFE minute poll. There are many very significant surveys about the drone business and many very official forecasts for the drone industry. The DRONELIFE Minute Poll does not claim to be either – it is a way for DRONELIFE to share some of the prevailing excitement of readers about various topics and to track changes over time on topics we believe may be of interest to our readers and the industry.

We asked our social media followers a simple question: Are you holding back drone purchases until you see a remote ID solution?

The answers are split pretty close to 50/50 – which suggests that publishing a remote ID rule, while not freezing drone purchases, may have slowed them down.

Are you holding back drone purchases until you see a? remote control I WOULD Solution?

Yes, we’ll wait and see: 48.3% of respondents

No, always forward: 51.7% of the respondents

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