Mosquito Management Drones: New Expertise for an Previous Downside

Founder and CEO Bill Reynolds of Leading Edge Associates, Inc. and Leading Edge Aerial Technologies has been involved in mosquito control since entering the industry with a college internship in 1985. Now he has received an industry award for creative thinking and promoting public health efforts for his work with mosquito control drones.

Mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animal in the world, killing millions by carrying diseases such as malaria and the Zika virus. It’s a serious problem that Reynolds addressed with serious technology. He has contributed to the development and patenting of technologies for air routing and applications: his company’s original product offering was MapVision, a geospatial data management system that integrates mosquito inspection, monitoring and treatment data into real-time GIS mappings.

Now the company is making a big impression with its mosquito control drone. The PrecisionVision product line was designed, engineered and built in the USA with features tailored to meet the needs of the mosquito control industry. The PrecisionVision 35X “uses global positioning systems and remote sensing units on the UAS to digitally examine large areas, record and analyze data, and create polygons, flight paths and treatment points,” said a company press release. “The UAS can then return to precisely and accurately treat target areas within 4 centimeters – all under the control of a trained and licensed UAS pilot. What used to take days for a team of inspectors and special vehicles has been reduced to a few hours. “

“Reynolds is a visionary,” said David Herter, director of the Bannock County, Idaho Mosquito Control, and Noxious Weed programs and principal nominee for the AMCA Industry Award. “His innovative thinking and intuition bring technology and science together for the common good. These technologies enable mosquito and vector control professionals to make faster, more informed management decisions, and have set the standards for better protection of the public and the environment. “

“Effective mosquito population management is a highly technical, data-rich reality. We recognized the need early on and knew that we could use technology to help agencies optimize operations with a cross-departmental database. The information improves their ability to respond to harassment and vector populations, ”Reynolds says. “Improving and protecting life is important. We are honored to do our part. “

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