Mophie Juice Pack Join Evaluation: Common wi-fi charger and stand

I used to be out and about a lot, so I needed portable power to keep my mobile devices running. Mophie Juice Packs were vital to providing this energy, and I often found myself picking up these battery cases at airports across the country.

Leveraging today’s popular Qi wireless charging standard, the new Mophie Juice Pack Connect accessory offers a universal system that extends charging to users with multiple phones, a family of phones, or to those who upgrade annually and don’t want to buy battery boxes for certain devices regularly. The Mophie Juice Pack Connect costs $ 79.95 and works on iPhone and Android smartphones with a Qi charge function.

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The sales package contains the Juice Pack Connect battery, two Connect adapters, a Connect Stand, a USB-C cable and an alignment kit. The battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, which is greater or equal to the capacity of most smartphones today.

While you can plug a Connect adapter directly into a phone, I like to use cases. Therefore, select only a few cases that you would like to use as Juice Pack Connect cases. I mainly used a Speck Presidio case with a Galaxy S20 Ultra and a OnePlus case with a OnePlus 8 Pro device. Mophie provides an alignment tool that allows you to easily center the connector adapter in the middle of your case or phone by matching the top and bottom numbers and the right and left side numbers. After aligning, peel off the back of the adapter and tape it in place.

When the Connect adapter is connected, slide either the Juice Pack Connect battery or the Connect Stand attachment over the adapter. Then tap the battery status button with the battery to start wireless charging your phone. You can also connect a USB-C cable to the battery and charge your gear with a cable instead of wirelessly using the adapter.

While you can charge the battery using the USB-C cable, Mophie also supports charging the battery and your phone using a wireless charger at the same time. The battery charges well by simply placing it on a wireless charger. Since I have wireless chargers all over my house, in my offices, and by my bed, this is my preferred method for charging batteries and devices.

There may be some thick cases that don’t support wireless charging, but the Speck and OnePlus cases I tested worked just fine. Even with the adapter, I was able to set my phones to wireless chargers to turn them on. Wireless payment systems also worked flawlessly with the Connect adapter mounted on the housings.

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The Connect adapter holds the battery well and you can pull it out again with a little pressure. There is a small tab sticking out of the adapter to keep it in place. It’s not latched to withstand serious pressure but remains fine for charging.

While the battery is a great universal solution that you can use for years by removing adapters and plugging them into different phones and cases, I was very pleased with the dual use scenario for the Connect adapter. The Connect Stand is pushed onto the adapter just like the battery and then provides a stand for using your phone in portrait or landscape format. I use my phones all the time to view media content. Hence, having a stand on virtually every phone or case is a great advantage of this system.

You can also rotate the Connect Stand so that the stand is extended, securely holding your device in the position that you find most stable and useful for your viewing needs. I usually have my phones in landscape mode for video content, but it’s nice to use portrait mode for video calls and the stand does a great job of propping up your phone safely.

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