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Mohammad is getting a brand new scooter due to MP’s crowdfunding efforts

Angela Rayner, MP for ASHTON and Failsworth, expressed her delight at the generosity of the people in helping a man whose mobility scooter was destroyed in a fire.

The family of Mohammad Shafique, who lives in the St. Peter area of ​​Ashton, contacted Angela on Christmas Day after a fire in his home destroyed his mobility scooter and left it completely stranded without being able to move.

Ms. Rayner started a crowdfunding campaign on Boxing Day to support the family and replace the mobility scooter.

The donations flowed in immediately and the goal was achieved within a few hours.

Thanks to a £ 1,000 donation from Sacha Lord, advisor to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, to the night pub, thanks to the kindness of all donors, the MP was able to order a new mobility scooter to be delivered to Mr Shafique by a local Greater Manchester supplier on Friday (January 8th).

Angela Rayner, who is also Labor Vice-Chairwoman, said, “The past nine months have been incredibly tough for everyone, so I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity people have shown in raising the money for the Replace scooter.

“When I read Mr. Shafique’s email on Christmas Day, it broke my heart, but I knew our ward would come together to help someone in need.

“I’m so glad we were able to help Mr. Shafique and I want to thank everyone who donated.

“During this crisis, friends, neighbors, and total strangers have come together in solidarity, and we will need all of that spirit in the weeks and months to come if we continue to care for one another.”

PIC – Angela Rayner and Mohammad Shafique with his new mobility scooter

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