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The Metaverse is a virtual world that combines the best of all worlds: real life and digital spaces. It is a place where you can explore, play, and create anything you can imagine. This course will teach you the basics of what it means to be in the Metaverse and how to use it. You’ll learn about blockchain, NFTs, and even multiverses! Even if you’ve never heard of blockchain or NFTs before, don’t worry—you’ll learn how they work in this course. And when you finish it? You’ll feel more comfortable starting your journey in the Metaverse!

  • Access 68 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what exactly Metaverse is
  • Learn basic concepts like NFT, Blockchain, & even the Multiverse
  • Know what Web3 technology is
  • Gain some knowledge about Axie Infinity & The Sandbox Game

Amir Rimer | Online Instructor & Certified Elementary School Teacher

4.4/5 Instructor Rating:
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Amir Rimer is a business and marketing online instructor, and a certified elementary school teacher for the past 24 years. He has great interest and enthusiasm in providing knowledge to his learners, especially in the field of marketing.

Amir has published several online courses and videos varying from Online Marketing, Advertisement, Social Media, and many more. He is passionate about teaching his learners and aims to make learning fun and easy.


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