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Man admitted to hospital in Birstall after falling from an e-scooter

A man was hospitalized after getting off an e-scooter in a residential area near Birstall last night.

Police and emergency services were on site at around 11 p.m. on Thursday, August 12.

Witnesses from a nearby property describe being woken up by “flashing lights” after “several emergency vehicles” visited the crime scene.

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The viewer told LeicestershireLive: “This morning (Friday 13th August) there was a huge blood stain on the edge outside.”

Leicestershire Police have since confirmed that the incident involved a man who “got off an e-scooter” on Greengate Lane.

A police spokesman said, “The East Midlands Ambulance has been called to the scene. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were not classified as life changing or life threatening. ”

The use of e-scooters remains a controversial issue, but Leicestershire Police have seized dozens over the past year.

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It is forbidden to use an electric scooter on public roads in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

A police spokesman recently said: “If you use an e-scooter illegally, you can face a fine, get penalty points for your driver’s license and the e-scooter could be confiscated.

“If, as in this case, your actions result in someone being injured, you can be prosecuted.

The police have reaffirmed the strict rules for the use of electric scooters.

The definitive advice from the Leicestershire Police Department is that it is legal to use an e-scooter on private property as long as you have the landowner’s permission.

If an official test is introduced in a certain area, it is legal to use rental e-scooters from certain companies on the road.

The possible penalties:

  • Fixed fine for no insurance, with a fine of £ 300 and six penalty points
  • Fixed fine for no driver’s license, up to £ 100 fine and three to six penalty points

Measures against drivers:

The police will also take the following measures against drivers, whether on private or rented e-scooters:

  • Driving on the sidewalk – a fixed fine (FPN) and possibly a £ 50 fine
  • Using a mobile phone while driving – £ 100 fine and six penalty points
  • Driving over red lights – a fixed speeding ticket, £ 100 fine and possible penalty points
  • Drunk driving offenses – same punishment as driving a car: judicial fines, driving bans and possible imprisonment

The police recommend that drivers wear protective equipment such as a helmet.

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