LiDAR mapping of a gold mine

When the consolidated gold mine in Dahlonega, Georgia wanted to open more areas for public tours, they turned to Inspired Intelligence, a family-owned and operated drone company in Buford, Georgia, for help. Inspired Intelligence CEO and Founder, Nir Pe’er, stated, “In addition to drone technology, we have also used the amazing new cutting edge technology called LiDAR. We were able to fully scan the entire mine and the terrain above it and make a 3D model of the mine … something that had never been done before. Our drone technology has also helped us fly into inaccessible areas of the mine that no one has been able to gain a foothold in for decades. Our drones, equipped with special lights, were able to collect amazing, high quality photos and videos of these areas of the mine. “Pe’er said,” During the project we also used underwater drones that were able to penetrate areas of the mine that are underwater. Some of these areas are literally completely unknown. The only information we had to work with was known from the miners and old newspapers. We could go in and provide underwater eyes to see what is in there. “Pe’re also noted that it wasn’t the team’s job to actually determine the safety of the mine. “In this project, we were able to provide the right data so that the mine can, for example, determine which areas of the rock are hard enough and which parts are too soft. By using our footage to identify the type of rock in certain inaccessible areas of the mine, this will aid them in future planning to open new sections of the mine to the public. “

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