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LG’s new 2022 TVs are being overwritten by enormous G2 and C2 OLED upgrades

LG was one of the many big tech companies to choose digital distancing at its CES 2022 press conference, but that doesn’t mean the South Korean giant hasn’t made a splash in Las Vegas with its latest TV products.

The company’s headline announcement is that its G2 OLED range – the G2 is the successor to last year’s impressive G1, which we gave 5/5 stars in our LG G1 review – not just a new 83- The inch model also includes a 97 inch set, which is a world first for OLEDs. They complement the existing 55, 65 and 77-inch televisions in the series.

LG’s mainstream C-series televisions are also being refreshed, with the LG C2 series introducing the company’s smallest OLED, an equally “world-new” 42-inch OLED set that the company says will be ideal for games . Together with 48-, 55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inch televisions, it will form the 2022 C2 range.

LG C2 could be the cheapest OLED by 2022

The C2’s biggest upgrade, however, isn’t the addition of the new size – it’s the fact that LG’s higher brightness ‘Evo’ panels are migrating from the fancier G-series to the cheaper ones.

There are hardware and software updates for both lines as well, with LG’s webOS UI now introducing support for multi-user profiles, while the brand new A9 chip heralds a number of image processing improvements, including better 4K upscaling.

Finally, with the C2 range, LG will introduce a new lightweight composite fiber construction that will allow the 65-inch model to weigh about half the weight of the corresponding C1 model – not an easy task.

Elsewhere, LG is expanding its QNED LED TVs, which combine the company’s proprietary NanoCell + technology with a Quantum Dot panel and its precise dimming capabilities. The result (at least according to LG) is the richest and most natural picture you can get at this price.

Of course, there are new Samsung 2022 TVs at this year’s CES too – but LG looks like it has done enough to hold the OLED crown for another cycle.

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