LED Evening Gentle Alarm Clock with 3-in-1 Wi-fi Charging


Is your phone hungry for charging? Well the Wireless Charging Station for Phone, Watch, and Airpods is here to save the day. It will automatically detect when you place your phone into its designated charging location and start to charge your device. It also includes a large LED display that will light up to show you exactly what time it is as well as show you the date, weekday, or day of the week in a user-friendly format.

  • Up to 3 devices. Charges your phone, watch & AirPods at the same time
  • Wireless charging. No cluttered wires; just place your devices on top
  • Multifunction. Also functions as a colorful night light, clock & alarm clock
  • Modern design. Stylish & wireless; looks great anywhere at home, on your nightstand, at your desk, or in the office


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