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Kymco Agilit … | Final utility and supply scooter?

KYMCO has a fantastic range of scooters, from 50cc to 550cc machines, covering all the basics for urban mobility and utility scooters – sporty, large maxi scooter cruisers, stylish 125cc … and here is the Agility Carry 125 that comes with Luggage racks is fitted at the front rear!

Yes, racks are not new, but to be factory fitted with non-slip racks, a custom built utility scooter for delivery drivers is always welcome.

We have seen from our colleagues at that Kymco Spain is releasing the utility scooter as the “bigger sister” of the Agility Carry 50.

Kymco Agility Carry – Is This The Best Delivery Scooter?

We’ve all seen delivery scooters spinning through the city streets, tending to be the average scooter of any sort, with a big box on their backs. This scooter will have two special large luggage racks that can hold up to 25 kg of cargo – 20 kg in the rear and 5 kg in the front. The storage space under the seat is 6 liters and is said to be enough for a helmet and gloves.

Euro 5 compliant with the 125cc engine. The fuel cap is easily accessible without opening any compartments. It has a comfortable seat, a flat floor (for easy getting in and out or for storing even more items) and a large, dangling LED headlight. The long days on the scooter were thought of here.

It’s based on the popular Agility City and while it’s not confirmed whether the scooter will be available in the UK, it’s a brilliant little utility scooter that has been perfected for delivery drivers. If it ever gets to the UK, many delivery companies are sure to keep an eye on it.

Because more storage space means more deliveries! Do you think the UK would do well?

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