Kite by Swoop Aero: subsequent stage air logistics platform

Swoop Aero is bringing Kite, their newest air logistics platform, to the US for FAA certification.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Crosby

Swoop Aero, the Australian drone-powered logistics company, has unveiled its most advanced aircraft, the Kite ™. The company is currently bringing Kite ™ to the US for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, which will take drone logistics to new heights.

The kite combines knowledge from operational and practical experience from the “Kookaburra” by Swoop Aero – a predecessor model that has completed more than 10,000 flights. The aircraft was designed by Swoop Aero’s experienced team of Australian-based engineers to meet rapid and sustainable manufacturing and production needs to effectively scale with the unique needs of impact-oriented organizations around the world.

With a speed of up to 200 km per hour, the kite can be operated with a single battery charge over geographical ranges of more than 180 kilometers with an increased payload capacity of up to 5 kg. The model is based on Swoop Aero’s technology platform, which provides the entire technology stack including hardware, software and supporting infrastructure. Real-time tracking, supply chain data, collection and analysis are provided within an integrated technology platform. At Swoop Aero’s Melbourne headquarters, a digital twin enables insights into system reliability and performance through the use of AI.

The kite brings together the lessons learned from over four years of operation and has been precision engineered to meet the needs of communities in a range of markets. Critical duties the aircraft is capable of include delivering drugs and medical supplies and assisting with disaster relief, minimizing human interactions when social distancing is required, providing safe and efficient transportation between hospitals that Acquisition of air data for site surveillance and climate research and support for search and rescue operations.

“Our vision is a world where seamless supply chains bring emotional and economic prosperity to all they serve. We have developed a sophisticated, agile and robust technology platform that represents the complete infrastructure for large-scale drone logistics and has proven it in practice. This platform, along with the kite, will help us realize our corporate vision as we strive to serve 100 million people by 2025. ”said Eric Peck, Chief Executive Officer of Swoop Aero. “The release and reveal of the kite is the sum of listening to our partners’ needs and learning from our extensive experience in six countries and three continents to create a breakthrough solution that makes access to the sky seamless to fill critical gaps on access to include medical care, emergency response, and search and rescue services ”.

The development of the new aircraft will drive the global expansion of the Swoop Aero air logistics platform and enable its expansion into the American, European and Asian markets. With the successful acquisition of FAA type certification for the kite aircraft, which is expected to occur by 2022, Kite will advance Swoop Aero’s plans to scale its production into new markets.

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