Kiru Knife™ Kurouchi Chef Knife


The Kiru Knife Kitchen Master is a multipurpose traditional Japanese blade that can be used for all purposes of cutting in the kitchen. From us as a Yanagi (fish slicer) to an Usuba(vegetable knife), the Kiru Knife Kitchen Master is perfectly suited. A very versatile knife that can be used to perform many of the tasks normally done with a Gyuto (Chef’s knife).

  • Versatile. Rock & chop all cutting styles
  • Precision-forged blades. For unrivalled performance & incredible edge-retention
  • 67-layers of high-carbon stainless cladding. Exceptional strength, durability & resistance
  • Nitrogen-cooled. For enhanced hardness, flexibility & corrosion resistance
  • Ruthlessly sharp. Staggering 8-12° degree angle for an extreme sharper cut
  • Exquisite feather blade pattern. For striking, stand-out beauty
  • G-10 Garolite handle. Highly impervious to heat, cold & moisture
  • Ergonomic handle. Superior hand control, agility & comfort


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