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Kelowna Senior’s mobility scooter was stolen from her final week – Kelowna Information

Seniors scooter stolen

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Tracy Thompson’s Victory LX mobility scooter was stolen in downtown Kelowna last week.

A Kelowna elderly woman was immobilized after her mobility scooter was stolen last week while she was picking up her dog’s poop.

Last Tuesday at around 7 p.m., 64-year-old Tracy Lynn Thompson was walking her dog near Coronation Avenue and St. Paul Street.

Thompson has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and arthritis in her legs, and her mobility scooter helps her get around.

But when Thompson got off her scooter to clean up after her dog, someone grabbed her scooter.

“I turned around and it was gone,” she said. “There were people there, but I didn’t think anyone would steal my scooter.”

Thompson got the brand new scooter about eight months ago and she says it was worth about $ 3,800. She has now remained completely immobile.

“I have nowhere to go, I can’t walk my dog, someone is watching my dog ​​because I can’t take it out to pee,” she says.

To make matters worse, Thompson has been living in an animal shelter for a week when she tried to find subsidized housing through BC Housing. But now that her transport is gone, finding a place to live is even more difficult.

“I can’t even go to the store or walk my dog ​​anymore,” she said.

She reported the theft to the police last week, but has not heard from them since. She asks Kelowna residents to look for their red Victory LX scooter and call the police or them directly at 250-859-7458 if the scooter is discovered.

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