Iris Automation Casia X Detecting and Avoiding Drones

The Iris Automation Casia® X is the next evolution of the integrated detection and avoidance system for drones from Iris.

Ground based detection and avoidance systems are difficult to move and scale. Iris Automation’s integrated detection and avoidance system uses 360 ° radial detection using computer vision technology. The new Casia X is “a further development of the Casia product line”, according to a press release from the company. In addition to the newly improved software reliability, the Casia X offers a new architecture that supports camera configurations from one to six units. Increased recognition performance and visual planes encounter playback tools and log files.

Iris Automation Casia’s integrated detection and avoidance system is being tested in programs around the world, including the FAA’s BEYOND program, to drive BVLOS operations (beyond line of sight): Iris has teamed up with four participants from BEYOND to including the city of Reno. Kansas Department of Transportation, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Choctaw Nation.

“The response to Casia X has been phenomenal and we are delighted to be handing the product over to our customers. We have had significant feedback and experience since we first announced our 360 degree capability, which has been instrumental in shaping its capabilities for this important global market, ”said Jason Hardy-Smith, Vice President of Product, Iris Automation.

AviSight, a leading provider of unmanned industrial inspection and advanced data solutions, has partnered with Iris as a beta user of Casia X. The company intends to include Casia X in its field tests for long linear inspection operations.

“Our customers know that unmanned missions can dramatically increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall security of their infrastructure maintenance and environmental monitoring programs. Technologies such as Casia offer us additional levels of security and help us to move beyond the field of vision (BVLOS) in close cooperation with the federal authorities that have invested in secure airspace integration. We are very excited to be working with the Iris Automation team, ”said William O’Donnell, Director of Operations at AviSight.

First deliveries from Casia X are prioritized to pre-ordered customers. Limited reservations for production slots are still available. Iris will hold an information session on the availability of Casia X production on April 29th at 11:00 am. Register at www.crowdcast.io/irisautomation. More information about Casia X can be found at www.irisonboard.com/casia.

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