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iOS 15 makes your AirPods act like AirTags

Not only on the iPhone, but iOS 15 also brings a number of functions to the AirPods. Features like Conversation Boost help people with mild hearing problems by blasting sound into their ears, and announce notifications that send new notifications straight to your ears are pretty useful. But according to 9to5Mac, Apple AirPods adds another feature in the iOS 15 update that makes it findable via Find My – just like AirTags.

While iOS 15 allows you to track your AirPods Pro and AirPods Max through Precision Finding, the latest report claims that the software makes them discoverable through Find My as well. To do this, Apple will eventually bind your AirPods to the Apple ID. If the AirPods are not connected to the iPhone with an assigned Apple ID, they will send their location to the owner’s Apple ID via Find My – similar to the AirTags.

The report claims that even when AirPods are connected to another iPhone – they can be paired with a new iPhone using the button on the case – they will continue to send their location to the owner’s Apple ID. 9to5Mac claims that this feature will be available on all AirPods, as opposed to Precision Finding, which will only be available on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

The report also notes that while the AirPods can be found through Find My, they don’t have the Activation Lock feature. “It’s important to point out that, despite being tied to an Apple ID, AirPods don’t have an activation lock like iOS devices,” the report said. The latest iOS 15 Beta 5 also includes steps that explain how to unpair AirPods from an iPhone with iOS 15 and then remove it from Find My.

The feature requires that AirPods have the latest firmware and are connected to an iPhone running iOS 15 or later. Apple is currently testing the new AirPods Pro firmware with selected developers. The stable version of both AirPods and iPhone software should be available “this fall”.

If you want to try out new features on your iPhone, be sure to check out our detailed guide where we explained how to install iOS 15 Beta on your iPhone.

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