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Introduction of the Honda U-GO electrical scooter

After many years of success in the automotive market, Honda is finally entering the electric vehicle segment. The company launched its first e-scooter in China under the Chinese division of the Wuyang Honda company. The Honda U-GO electric scooter was developed by the company with an exclusive focus on urban commuting. While this may be true, the e-scooter market is on the rise across China. With the new car directive coming into force, Pakistan is ready to encourage the production and use of electric vehicles. Are Honda E-Scooters Coming To Pakistan? Let’s find out.

Honda U-GO e-scooter

The overall look and feel of U-GO are minimalist and compact. According to the reports, Honda has installed hub motors with continuous rated power of 1.2 kW and 0.8 kW. Both engines reach top speeds of 53 km / h and 43 km / h, respectively.

Battery details

The new Honda U-GO electric scooter comes with 1.44 kW lithium-ion batteries. It is worth noting that the battery can be doubled by installing a larger battery pack, as Honda claims.

storage room

Since U-GO is a scooter, the company offers storage space under the seat with a capacity of 26 liters. The driver can easily store his helmet and small luggage in the car compartment.

Honda U-GO – Global Price

The new Honda U-GO is currently available and available in the Chinese market. The starting price of the e-scooter is $ 1,150. Additionally, the 1.2kW battery version is priced at $ 1,233.

Will U-GO come to Pakistan?

According to recent developments, the local environment for electric vehicles is very encouraging. While this may be true, the introduction of Jolta Electric Bikes in Pakistan is also a huge step forward in bringing e-bike culture to the country. If we add all the factors to the equation, there is a strong possibility that the Honda U-GO e-scooter will come to Pakistan. We will keep you informed of further developments in this regard in order to keep you informed.

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