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Insta360 One R Evaluation | stuff

The modular three-piece design is key to the One R’s appeal. The camera consists of a core (this section has a touch display, card slot, and USB-C port for charging), a camera module (there are three possible mods here (which we will discuss below) and a battery base, all of which slide together and snap into place with ease.

No matter which mod you have installed, the One R is small, light and extremely pocket-friendly. It comes with a cage and mounting adapter that allows you to attach exactly the same types of straps and mounts as you would on a GoPro – a very smart choice given the sheer number of GoPro mounts. You can also purchase an optional adapter that allows you to screw the camera onto your DJI Mavic 2 or Mavic Pro drone and raise it to completely new heights.

The small, boxy, and sturdy design means you don’t have to handle this thing with kid gloves. Two of the camera modules have built-in scratch-resistant lens covers, while the other comes with a sturdy rubber lens case that slides over it when not in use. Insta360 also provided us with an accessory that does the same thing but with clear lenses to replace the rubber bits. The idea is that you can leave this cover up and shoot through it anytime you want – but currently this degrades the image quality so much that we wouldn’t recommend using it.

The camera is waterproof to a depth of 5m in any of its various guises, so you could strap this thing to your head and go white water rafting, snorkeling, or any other wet activity with the assurance that you don’t set off and pollute all of that precious Insta content.

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