IMPORTANT iPad OS / iOS 15 updates! Pixel 5a Screw Up & extra .. (Video)

The official news starts with deals today, and don’t forget we have timestamps below in case you want to skip this for what happens today. Let’s start with OnePlus, which really suggests you’re buying the 8 series, probably more so than even their own 9 series. Starting with the fact that they got the 8 Pro for $ 300 off the original price tag, leave it at 699 for the entry level and you get Buds Z in white for free. These Buds Z are pretty good by the way. They’re also running a flash sale for the Nord series, where you can get the N10 for $ 279 and the N100 for $ 170, which ends on the 27th. If you switch to Amazon, the Google Pixel 4 goes for $ 300 off the original price. The entry-level model stays for 496. If you want a foldable model, Amazon renewed the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for 1486, and I mean if you do the math that’s actually a solid business with it, as Amazon guarantees that program. Further offers for other Samsung smartphones, Macs, iPads and more can be found under the links in the description.

Let’s get to Samsung, as the company is making an interesting move with the Galaxy S20 FE. We know Sammy has had some success with this phone thanks to the decent specs and price, and they’d like to add something to that. According to a new report from WinFuture, Samsung could start outfitting the S20 FE with the 4G version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC and swapping out the Exynos 990 that originally powered it, period. The report even mentions the new model number, and in fact, Samsung has already updated some of its European websites with this model number, suggesting the launch will be soon. The rest of the specs stay the same as the Exynos S20 FE, but a SKU with more storage can be added for around 600 euros. We’ll keep you updated when they make changes, and while Samsung does this for an older phone, wait for a few segments as Google is doing just the opposite and people aren’t looking good. We’re putting Cupertino in the spotlight real quick before we talk about her again for the hottest news, and this time on the iPhone 13 mini. You’d think the low sales report would kill a future generation, but we know Apple is known for playing the long game. So yeah, those other reports that Apple stopped producing the 12 mini go nowhere with that new purple hue that just launched, and now those rumors. This image is from a tipper on Weibo and shows the design, which was leaked in CAD renderings last week, in the blue color variant with the two cameras now facing each other in the oven. Of course, they’re still prototypes at the moment, and Apple could just choose not to continue with that design, but a lot of tipsters have been talking about this design and these prototypes just give it a little more credibility. We’ll see how we get it, it definitely doesn’t look bad, but again it depends on who you ask. Now let’s talk about Google and the Pixel 5a for an interesting twist of events. First, let me say that I have difficulty calling this no more than 5a. A couple of weeks ago, we found out that the Pixel 5a will be out sometime this fall and will only be available in the US and Japan. Now we have a new report from 9to5Google that says that Barbet aka Pixel 5a will be using a processor marked with the number “SM7250” and pointing to the Snapdragon 765G. And I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the 765G, but it’s also the processor that powered the show for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and if the phone is going to look exactly like last year’s phone, that would be technical not so the same 4a 5G? I’m excited to see how Google plans to differentiate these phones. When this exact phone is currently available in the market, why bother to advertise anything at all? I have to give it to google all the time for the weird decisions. But for the hottest news today, we’re talking about Apple, WWDC, and iOS. If you haven’t seen our Spring Loaded Event video, I highly recommend that you do so as I’ve covered in detail how these new iPads don’t make sense right now unless WWDC changes things dramatically, and that’s exactly what it is there news is over. Cupertino is planning a notifications overhaul for iOS 15 and is preparing a major overhaul of the iPad home screen with iPadOS 15, according to a new report from Bloomberg. As of iOS 15, it seems like you want you to be able to customize notifications to suit your situation, with modes like Sleep, Driving, or Work, you can choose whether or not you want an audible alarm. Apparently this would work through a menu in the control center so that you can create your scenarios. Well, let’s move on to iPadOS for the most important news. Bloomberg claims this will be the biggest home screen makeover in over a decade. Apparently Apple is finally going to add widgets to the home screen, which was just ridiculous before, so you can replace the entire grid with the widgets of your choice. Finally, the report also mentions some big changes to iMessage to allow it to compete with WhatsApp by adding a social media aspect. Do you know what the problem is? Not a word about pro apps support, AKA what the Mac has, what should technically happen. So far, a revision of the home screen seems boring and overdue.

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