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IFA 2022: what you must find out about Europe’s greatest tech present

Next week the Euro tech world is off to Berlin for IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest annual consumer technology expo (IFA stands for Internationale Funkausstellung).

IFA wasn’t held last year due to you-know-what and though 2020’s did take place in a small way, this will be the first proper show since 2019.

The show has actually been running since 1924 (yes, really) making it one of the world’s oldest trade shows nowadays it’s used as a platform for launching many of the biggest consumer tech brands’ new products.

What types of things will be launched at IFA?

There are stacks of new products launched at IFA including TVs, home cinema gear, hi-fi, smart home kit and even laptops, tablets and smartphones though these tend to be thinner on the ground than a few years ago. In short, we can expect a heck of a lot of fresh gear to drop and when it does, we’ll include our stories about it on this page.

The very biggest brands like Samsung and Sony have tended not to launch so much at the show in recent years, preferring to use their own events and live streams to launch products. IFA was the event where Samsung used to launch its Galaxy Note line up, but in recent years has used it more for home appliances. Indeed, IFA has a whole lot of home appliance announcements – there are halls and halls of that stuff, which we’ll only cover if it’s really exciting.

When will IFA 2022 get underway?

While the show officially opens its door on September 2, many exhibitors will be unveiling their new wares from August 29 onwards. We’ve got boots on the ground in Berlin to cover all the biggest launches all next week and we’ll update this feature as things progress.

Unlike many shows we attend, IFA is actually open to the public so you can get tickets to go and see the latest tech for yourself. Almost a quarter of a million people usually attend and the event space is massive with over 30 halls covering a space of 285,000m2 – it is huge. Roll on the show!

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