Humanity Well being App: Lifetime Subscription (Premium Plan)


The #1 app for healthspan and longevity in the App Store!
Humanity helps you to understand which actions to take to slow down, or even reverse your rate of aging.

Humanity is the top app for increasing your health and health span (adding years of healthy life). Join over 140 thousand Humanity users already learning how fast they are aging, and most importantly, what actions they can take to optimize it and live healthier for longer. Increase your healthspan and longevity!

Featured in TechCrunch, UKTN, BusinessCloud, Business Leader, and Maddyness!

4.6/5 stars on App Store:
★ ★ ★ ★


  • Movement. Connect your wearable technology, or manually add workouts, to better understand which actions are working to slow your rate of aging
  • Nutrition. Discover what impact your dietary habits, fasting & different nutrition approaches have on your rate of aging
  • Mind. Track your daily mood, meditation & general wellbeing
  • Recovery. Track your recovery, sleep time & activity to improve your sleep quality and rate of aging


  • H Score. Each positive action you take helps boost your Humanity Score. Earn points for workouts, fasting, meditation, sleep tracking & more
  • Rate of Aging. Your Rate of Aging & Biological Age are impacted by your actions and calculated by Humanity’s AI algorithms


  • Digital markers. Biomarkers such as heart rate & walking speed are plugged into predictive algorithms – continuously measuring your aging, and help you learn what actions are working for you

Goals you can strive for with Humanity:

  • See whether the actions you are taking are increasing your healthy years
  • Staying healthy and fully functional for more years
  • Reducing your stress levels and making your mind healthier
  • Increasing your happiness
  • Helping your family and all humanity stay healthier for longer
  • And so much more…


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