HUAWEI Sound Pleasure take a look at: small speaker, large sound, nice features

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HUAWEI Sound Joy rating


As a brand, HUAWEI has become synonymous with “high quality” and “premium”. I was happy to witness this over the past ten years and to be part of the company that became a benchmark. First they did it with photography, and now, for the past few years, they have done it with audio.

We experienced the HUAWEI sound last year, and despite the amazing sound, one of the items on our “cons” list was the fact that the speaker had to be plugged into a power source all the time. Sure, the target audience isn’t moving, but still …

Either the company listened to complaints or someone on the team had exactly the same thoughts because they recently announced a kick-ass speaker for Unterwegs. Just like previous Sound-generation speakers, the new Sound Joy is a result of the Devialet collaboration, and without giving it away (but I probably will), let me say this: I’ve never been this impressed with an audio product in a long time Time.


The Sound Joy weighs 680 grams, is 202 mm high and has a circumference of 73 mm. We have both colors available: Obsidian Black and Spruce Green. The reason for this is not just to just point out the options, but for something a lot cooler, which is described later in this review in the experience segment.

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Due to the IP67 certification – yes, you can immerse them in one meter of water for 30 minutes – the hardware buttons are rubberized. The outside is wrapped in a rubber-like textile fabric that feels really great and can be used both vertically and horizontally thanks to the stand on the bottom and the rubber pads on the side.

Above and below (or left and right, depending on how you use it) are two rubber passive radiators (which are really springy thanks to the great bass reproduction at higher volumes). The upper one is surrounded by an LED ring that either changes through the colors during playback or shows volume, charging status or the progress of the firmware update.

The two huge volume controls + and – are also rubberized and their size is purely for convenience. The rest of the rubberized buttons are used for operational control, namely power, voice, play / pause, bluetooth and stereo.

On the back there is a hole above the buttons to attach the lanyard, which is included, so you can easily carry it or hang it anywhere.


In terms of performance, the Sound Joy has a race track-shaped full-tone speaker with 20 W (50 mm x 75 mm), a tweeter with 10 W (19 mm) and two passive radiators (as mentioned above).

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There are also three microphones and, depending on the G-Sensor display, the Sound Joy switches between the two horizontal and one vertical microphone.

Connectivity is limited to Bluetooth 5.2, but you can take advantage of NFC, and everything is powered by a hefty 8,800 mAh battery that you can charge using the 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A and 10V / 4A charging standards. While charger is not included (cable is provided), any charger you own will do, but the faster the better.

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When you combine Bluetooth with speakers and microphones, you can of course expect to be able to make phone calls through the speaker, which the Sound Joy is capable of.


My first moment of surprise was when I plugged in the Sound Joy after unpacking for a fee. This automatically triggered the speaker to turn on and its welcome / welcome tone (not random) is heavy in bass. “Wow” was all I could say when I heard it.

Source: Pocketnow LED ring when playing music

Source: Pocketnow LED ring when updating the firmware

While you can pair the Sound Joy and use it with any device over Bluetooth, from your iPhone to your Mac / PC and even Apple TV, you get the best experience when you hook it up to a HUAWEI or HONOR phone due to the AI ​​in life -App.

Here you have access to equalizer presets and firmware updates. While I left the EQ at the default setting (I didn’t really like the sound of the other options), I was able to update the firmware through the app. If for some reason you need to add (or reduce) the bass, you can do so within the app between -6dB and 6dB. If you can live without these tools, you can safely jam to the tunes from any device.

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Do you know what’s better than the Sound Joy? Two Sound Joy speakers. Whether you have two, like we do for this review, or one of your friends is bringing one, you can pair the two by simply shaking them (or using the stereo button on the back). If you can agree on the genre and performers, both speakers will act as one stereo speaker, complete with the benefits of stereo effects and dual sound. That is really cool!

I have one on each side of my computer and I just love this setup!

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Since I mentioned it above, the firmware update is seamless and optimized. The AI ​​Life app will notify you of the update. You tap the button and the Sound Joy switches to its update mode, the warning flashes on the LED ring, which then turns into a progress bar. When everything is done, the speaker will restart and you are good to go.

In single mode, the two speakers are displayed independently of each other in the AI ​​Life app. However, if stereo is paired, the app will show both as a stereo unit.


“How the hell does so much sound come out of such a small case?” This was most of the first impressions I’ve got from people I introduced the Sound Joy to. That was of course my first question too, but I waved it off as if I didn’t know something and just said “HUAWEI and Devialet”, followed by a wink. 😉.

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According to the information on the paper, the frequency response of the system ranges from 50 Hz lows to 20 KHz highs. This is the result of the combined 30 W output of the 20 W broadband loudspeaker and the 10 W tweeter.

The Sound Joy is not only loud, really loud for its size, but the sound is also very pleasant. It is not missing in any department, the lows are deep and clear with no distortion at higher levels and the highs are crystal clear.

The broadband loudspeaker does not compromise on the medium frequencies either. Mids, as well as lows and highs, are clearly identifiable, so the Sound Joy plays well with whatever genre you want to hear.

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If you take all of this now and multiply by two, you instantly double the sound and fun thanks to its ability to pair with another Sound Joy in stereo. For a decent room, one Sound Joy is enough to disturb the neighbors in the apartment building, but if they both rock to the same tunes, you can fill a large room with high quality sound (and double the number of neighbors who get angry).


Availability is limited, so check with your local HUAWEI office and online stores. The price ranges, if available, from € 139 in France to € 149 in Germany and the equivalent of € 125 in Romania. Some countries in Latin America also have.

You get lots of sound, high quality sound for the price, and with a battery life that can’t be used up in a day (the Sound Joy is rated for 26 hours of continuous playback) you can safely take it with you on your next hike, pool party, barbecue party or even on the pitch when you want to shoot some hoops.

Because of its small size, great sound, amazing battery life, high quality output, IP67 rating, and the ability to pair stereo with its own, Pocketnow recommends the HUAWEI Sound Joy if you are looking for a great portable speaker.

… and yes, you don’t see a pros and cons as you usually do in our reviews, because the Sound Joy is one of the few, if not the only product I’ve tested that doesn’t have any downsides are. and it’s all on the pro list, which somehow defeats the purpose of the entire pros and cons segment of our review.

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