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Hive mini thermostat brings good heating for simply £ 119. in your house

Hive has unveiled an affordable new smart thermostat, the Hive Mini, to help more UK households switch to smart energy in 2022.

The Hive Mini Thermostat is just £ 119, compared to the MSRP of a Hive Active system of £ 179, and comes with a range of smart smart home features.

Central to the Hive Mini is its geolocation capabilities, which work in tandem with the Hive app on your mobile device to notify you that when you’ve left the heat on and left the house, turn it off – a potential boon for your bank balance.

The Hive app itself makes controlling your heating and hot water a breeze and is much more intuitive than messing around with heating programming boxes.

They use it to accomplish many of the same things, such as: B. the creation of heating plans, but it offers additional functions such as setting target temperatures and easy switching between heating and hot water mode. In addition, you can never really lose the manual.

This is also where you can connect other Hive devices to the Hive Mini to strengthen your smart home ecosystem. how to turn off the heater.

Finally, there is compatibility with the Google Assistant and Alexa. So if you have one of the best smart speakers, you can use voice control to adjust the temperature at home.

If you’ve always thought of joining the smart heating revolution, you can register your interest here on the Hive website. The Hive mini thermostat will go on sale in the UK in early 2022.

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