Scooters And One Wheels

Harmful driver prosecuted after BMW was swapped for e-scooter

A DANGEROUS driver was charged with driving an e-scooter just weeks after he was bitten by a police dog and his BMW collapsed while in a car chase at 150 km / h.

Bolton Crown Court heard 34-year-old Kyle Lowthian spotted by a police officer on Outwood Road in Radcliffe at 11:10 p.m. on November 18 last year with the Qings Wing electric scooter he allegedly bought for his son’s birthday.

From a legal point of view, e-scooters are treated in the same way as motor vehicles and can therefore only be used in public if the user has a license and is insured.

Verity Quaite, the prosecutor, told the court how Lowthian was stationary at the traffic lights at the junction with Pilkington Way.

Lowthian went to the sidewalk and told the officer that he had a license and had given a false name and address. However, after his arrest, he disclosed his true identity and cannabis was found on him.

At that point, Lowthian was already banned from driving after a police chase on August 9th last year.

Lowthian did not have a license after being disqualified for the number of penalty points he had accumulated but still bought a BMW for £ 750.

Miss Quaite related how police saw the car on the Farnworth Longcauseway at 3:36 a.m., but Lowthian refused to stop.

“It was followed by a four-minute chase,” said Miss Quaite, who added that Lowthian drove through a red light and then reached speeds of up to 95 mph in a 30-mile zone on Bolton Road.

After turning towards Ringley on Slackey Brow and Hulme Road, he went around a roundabout in the wrong direction.

But when Lowthian was driving up a hill at 75 mph, smoke came out of his car.

“As he was going up the hill, he didn’t seem able to accelerate,” said Miss Quaite.

Lowthian jumped out of the car and ran away, but he didn’t put the handbrake on and the vehicle rolled back into the police car.

“The defendant went to the nearby woods and both a helicopter and a police dog were used,” said Miss Quaite.

“It took some time to find him. He was finally arrested at 5:07 am. He was taken to the hospital for treatment for the dog bite he suffered while in detention.”

Police dog Jax who caught Lowthian

Lowthian. Radcliffe of Mather Street pleaded guilty to driving dangerously, not having a driver’s license or insurance, being banned while driving, and possessing cannabis.

Nicola Carroll, who defended himself, said: “He admits that there is clearly a serious risk to the public in driving the way he has done.”

The court heard that Lowthian had previously been convicted of driving bans, but Miss Carroll stated that he is now changing his life after claiming he was free from drugs.

Judge Timothy Stead sentenced him to 10 months in prison, with two years’ suspension. During this time, he must attend a thinking skills program and three days of rehabilitation. He is also prohibited from applying for a driver’s license for three years. Then he has to take an extended exam.

The BMW and the e-scooter fell into disrepair.

The judge said to Lowthian, “You have children. I was told that you would take care of them – I’m sure you will – but if you want to give them a chance in life and give yourself a chance, don’t go to jail to come, it’s you. ” I have to lay down. ”

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