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Greatest winter operating garments for chilly climate sprints in 2020

Crash your Polar PB with this cold weather kit

Running in the winter months has its advantages. Sure, it’s pitch black when you wake up, but at least that means you can’t see the sleet on the side outside.

While sub-zero temperatures and slippery surfaces could make jogging in January kind of offensive, pounding the sidewalk in cold weather can actually help overcome the winter blues – all thanks to those glorious post-run endorphins.

Are you ready to come out from under your covers and chase the park run record? From grippy sneakers to insulating baselayers, this sprint kit will build your resolve when conditions turn arctic. Even if your central heating doesn’t.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Gore-Tex

Pounding frosty ground is just as much a part of winter running as frozen toes and runny noses. The problem is, playing 5K Slip and Slide every day can improve your core balance, but the lack of underfoot traction doesn’t do much for your PB. Don’t let poor grip compromise your shape: pull these Nike kicks to your feet for more confidence in tough conditions.

The rough profile guarantees grip on icy and muddy paths, while a weatherproof GORE-TEX upper protects your hooves from drizzle. Reflective stripes keep you clearly visible even on foggy mornings and the jump in the sole should bring you forward – as if the prospect of protein-rich recovery porridge weren’t motivation enough.

Bam contrast stitch bamboo

Wrap yourself in bamboo, they said. It’s getting warm, moisture-wicking, and better for the world, they said. Well, you are a trembling wreck that is very reminiscent of a panda snack. If only you had left it to the professionals.

This baselayer from Bam is a lesson in sustainable fitness clothing. Soft, breathable and antibacterial, it takes advantage of the natural properties of the fast growing perennial stalk to deliver a high performing top that will keep you warm without hurting the world. Close-fitting and equipped with clever thumb loops, it is far more effective than anything you can make out of your garden hedge.

Beryl Pixel

With just eight hours of daylight to work, shop, and maintain your #InstaFit feed, running in the dark becomes an essential part of any winter training session. Don’t stay cloudy when sprinting after dark: glue this waterproof shiner to your waistband for guaranteed visibility.

Light, bright and well charged for up to 10 hours. A built-in clip makes attaching the pixel a breeze, while the option to toggle the color from red to white can also be used on your handlebars if you’re foolhardy enough to try a duathlon in February.

Under Armor Rush ColdGear

Do you want second skin insulation for your cold pins? You could put lard on your legs like an old-school open water swimmer. Or try these Under Armor running tights for skin-tight warmth that is less likely to throw you home from the bus.

The compression leggings are tight-fitting and equally soft, sweat-wicking and breathable for better performance. Like lard, they are rub-free and cuddly. Unlike Lard, they’re made of soft four-way stretch material that reflects energy back into your muscles.

Under Armor also supplies a matching hoodie and seamless mock underwear. It’s all in the ColdGear range.

Urbanista Athens

Hot beats won’t thaw the frost beneath your feet, but they might just spur you on to some seasonal PB. For warming tunes that keep you moving, add these wireless earbuds to your winter running ensemble.

The cute-sounding buds are sturdy enough to withstand side rain, yet small enough to squeeze under a hat. Plus, multiple sizes of silicone wings should keep you safe as you yodel through frozen fields, while an eight-hour battery life – which is increased to 32 with the included charging case – covers the distance even at freezing pace.

Inov8 Race Elite 3-in-1 glove

You don’t need working digits to break your 10K record, but frozen fingers won’t help much when it’s time to get your medal. Wrap your hands in these multi-talented mittens and you won’t have to thaw your paws after every race.

Each 16-gram glove is light, breathable and cozy, and has a stretchable storage pocket on the back that houses stowable overgloves. If it rains during the race, simply pull out the included covers for an extra layer of waterproof warmth. There are also silicone prints on the index finger and thumb – perfect for grabbing your cutlery.

Gore Windstopper Insulated Beanie

A quick jog in the fresh morning air may be what you need to wake up to work, but let a bitter wind blow around your bones and you are sure to catch a cold. Keep your skull cozy with this insulated beanie.

Windproof and yet breathable, it ensures that your hat is cozy and warm even in bad winter weather without trapping sweat. Its microporous Windstopper membrane magically blocks the cool breeze while still releasing the moisture that steams from your sweaty skull. That’s more than can be said about this retro headband knitted by your Nan.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

If you’re dedicated enough to walk the freezing streets at the crack of dawn, you might as well get the recognition. And if you’re looking for a tracking companion who can keep track of the lot, Garmin’s latest sports watch is the one for your wrist.

Heart rate, blood oxygen, hydration, breathing, sleep and stress: the Vivoactive 4 can record almost any measurement, record your routes with GPS and send your location to selected contacts when it detects a slippery incident. It also takes you to your running goals, keeps you moving with music on board and, thanks to the built-in contactless payment technology, helps you grab a hot chocolate while jogging home. Unfortunately, it cannot change the air temperature.

Brooks Canopy Jacket

Running may be your time for personal reflection, but meditative thoughts alone won’t make you visible as you whiz through the drizzle at dusk. Put on this packable jacket for a brighter aura.

Reflective stripes on the front and back ensure good visibility in the dark, while the weatherproof ripstop polyester outer shell and the roll-up hood are designed to repel sufficient rainwater. As soon as the shower is over? Tuck the jacket in its small pocket and wrap the elastic around your arm to carry it without the hassle. It is also breathable so any negative energy can leave your body.

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