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Greatest USB-C Chargers to purchase proper now

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Best USB-C Chargers in 2022


Chargers are ubiquitous in today’s technology-driven world, and a standard that has found its place among the masses is USB-C. The port type is a compatible format, which has even driven administrative bodies to standardize its use across the smartphone industry. But let’s not focus on those tedious details. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for an accessory that will help keep your devices charged and ready for on-the-go use without much fuss.

Thus, to help you pick the best charger for your use case, in this article, we’ve shortlisted the most capable hardware that will make keeping your devices charged an easy-to-manage scenario.


Best Overall: Satechi 66W 3-Port GaN Charger

Source: Satechi

Stepping up the power on offer and port availability, first on this list is the Satechi 66W 3-Port Gallium Nitride charger. If you’re looking for a charging accessory that’s minimal, functional, and easy to work into the aesthetics of a setup, this is one to keep an eye on. The addition of foldable prongs on this accessory further adds to its advantages, allowing you to carry it around easily.

The implementation of GaN in this charger allows Satechi to significantly reduce the size required to provide 66W of power to devices. Now, as it may have become clear from its name, the accessory features three USB-C ports on the front. These connections can throughput the available power in various settings.

Connecting a single device to the Satechi 66W Charger will pump out 65W. Once you add a second device, the charger will switch to a 30W and 30W setup or a 45W and 20W setup. And adding a third will make the system provide 30W, 18W, and 18W of power.

Satechi 66W GaN Charger

Satechi’s 66W GaN Charger promises to provide a substantial amount of power to your connected devices in a split mechanism that ensures they can sustain through a day of use without spending too much time on the charger. It boasts compatibility with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


Anker 521 (Nano Pro 40W)

Anker 521 is a good accessory to have around if you’re looking for a compact power solution for more than one of your devices. The port can split its 40W capacity between the two ports or supply the entire amount when a compatible connection exists.

Ultra Compact Charger: Anker 511 USB-C Charger

Source: anchor

With chargers, having access to multiple ports to power up more than a single device at once is a nifty feature. But there are times when a compact solution that’s easy to tuck away yet capable of quickly charging a device can be of more value. The Anker 511 (Nano Pro 20W) charger aims to be that accessory.

If you’re an iPhone user or a recent convert to Android, you’re probably aware of the 5W charger bundled inside the box until the launch of the iPhone 12. The Nano Pro is of similar size yet, features four times the power, upping the ante from a mere 5W to 20W.

If we consider the effect heat would have within the tiny chassis, the accessory, by all means, isn’t able to translate all of its power into performance. Hence, Anker claims the unit can charge up your iPhone to 50% in 25 minutes — matching the claim for Apple’s 20W adapter.

Anker 511 makes its way onto the list due to its compact size (this makes it easy to pack), colors, and compatibility with various brands. It also has additional safety features like a Dynamic Temperature Sensor and Power Tuner Chip, which monitor charger temperatures and power output.

In case you do not mind dealing with a slight increase in size and would like to maintain compatibility with USB-C PD and its PPS (Programmable Power Supply) feature, check out the Anker Nano II 30W charger.

Anchor 511 (Nano Pro 20W)

Anker 511 (Nano Pro 20W) is a compact USB-C Charger to buy for your daily use or travel kit to ensure you can power up your device and keep it ready to go!

High Power Charger: Satech 165W 4-Port GaN Charger

Source: Satechi

Following the ultra-compact promise of the Anker 511 is the 165W Satechi 4-Port GaN Charger; this accessory is the opposite of the one listed above and promises to deliver a high enough wattage to allow users to power up to four devices at any given time easily.

Like our Best Overall suggestion, the 165W will be split in various configurations when multiple devices are connected. To make it easier to understand, we’ve illustrated the split conditions in the table below.

devices Power Split (Total Capacity = 165W)
1 device 100W
2 devices 100W + 60W
3 devices 60W + 60W + 45W
100W + 30W + 30W
4 devices 60W + 45W + 30W + 30W

The OEM describes the charger as compatible with the latest MacBook models and most other USB-C devices. It comes with a couple of accessories in its box. First is a detachable power cable that you will use to power the charger, and next is a stand that can be placed on a table to dock the charger.

Like the 66W Satechi, this is an accessory with a sense of aesthetic in its design and is worth adding to your setup if you need to power multiple devices without much compromise.

Satechi 165W USB-C Charger

Satechi 165W 4-Port USB-C Charger is the powerhouse accessory to add to your setup if you’re looking for a product that can easily deliver a consistent charger to the powerful hardware.


Anker 736 Charger – Nano II 100W

A cheaper alternative to the Satechi 165W USB-C Charger, the Anker 736 (Nano II 100W) is the accessory to add to your setup if you want to maintain access to a USB A port. It uses similar GaN technology to pack more power into a smaller package. The charger even has markings to signify which port would work best for the gadget you wish to charge.

Car Charger: Spigen ArcStation 65W Dual Port

Source: Spigen

And before we end this compilation, we would like to mention a charger that will make it easier to power up your devices when on the move. The Spigen ArcStation for Cars is a 65W USB-C Charger that provides two ports for users to connect their devices. The power output is split between the two ports, with one providing 45W power and the other 20W.

So, while this accessory is unlike the others on this list — which can regulate power — it is still one of the nicest-looking accessories that will help keep your devices powered and ready to go.

Spigen ArcStation 65W Dual Port Car Charger

Spigen ArcStation 65 comes with two USB-C ports to charge your phones, tablets, and laptops when on the go. Its total of 65W is split among its two ports, with one providing an output of 45W and the other 20W.

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