Greatest smartphones for him and her on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re still looking for gifts to give to your partner, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing would say “I love you” better than a new smartphone. Here are the best smartphones to buy for your partner at the last minute this Valentine’s Day.

The best for big hands

Both the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra are the best in their segments. If your partner is in the Apple ecosystem, go for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If he / she prefers Android, check out the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Both smartphones are powered by powerful chipsets and come with a number of flagship features, including an excellent set of cameras for photography and videography. You can’t go wrong with any of these smartphones. Both would easily take a full day on a single charge.

    Apple turned back the years and took inspiration from the classic iPhone 4 form factor to create the iPhone 12 series. It actually works. The stainless steel frame with a metallic sheen complements the glass back wall and creates a beautiful contrast that you can hardly lose sight of.

    Samsung’s latest note is one of the most powerful Android smartphones out there. With an eye-catching build, feature-rich software, great cameras, and the always-useful S Pen, the Galaxy Note 20 is a productivity powerhouse that does everything right.

The best for small hands

The iPhone 12 mini is the first suggestion when you think of phones for small hands. Apple made it for the people who prefer small phones. It may be a compact device, but it doesn’t give up on the flagship features. The iPhone 12 mini has an OLED display, the same cameras as the iPhone 12 and an equally beautiful design. If you prefer to work with an Android smartphone, the Google Pixel 4a 5G is a great choice for your partner. It has a flagship camera and is one of the smoothest smartphones out there.

    Okay, this is our favorite for several reasons. Excellent cameras, an immensely powerful processor, a beautiful OLED display and buttery soft software. The best thing about the iPhone 12 Mini, however, is its compact size, which means that one-handed use would be a pleasant experience.

    The Pixel 4a retains the signature Pixel software experience and offers fantastic camera output, but at a very affordable price. One aspect that made me fall in love with the latest Google offering is the compact form factor, which makes one-handed use a breeze.

Best premium smartphone

If budget is not an issue and you want to give away the best smartphone money money can buy, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is for you. It is an eye catcher. The smartphone offers a first-class tablet experience. If glass plates are his thing, go for the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra. It has a beautiful display, an excellent set of cameras and all-day battery life. You can’t go wrong with either of these two smartphones.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the perfect mix of the highest smartphone capabilities and innovation. This has given new meaning to the use of smartphones and increased the productivity aspect by combining two form factors into one. It’s elegant, fast and a clear view of the future.

    Samsung lived up to the Ultra moniker this year, dropping the price by $ 200. The device is equipped with four rear cameras, two of which are telephoto lenses that offer an optical zoom range of up to 10x. Besides, the camera capabilities of this device are really impressive.

Best price performance ratio

Samsung released a fan edition for its Galaxy S20 series that did very well. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a flagship smartphone at a not-so-flagship price. It comes with a gorgeous display, wireless charging, a great set of cameras, and an amazing design. It’s one of the best smartphones in the segment.

    Samsung has tried some budget flagships in the past, but the Galaxy S20 FE finally got it right. The South Korean electronics giant has made almost no major compromises here, and this device delivers all the parameters, from aesthetics to camera output to raw performance.

Best mid-ranger

If you are on a budget we recommend going with the OnePlus Nord. It has a great design and is one of the best OnePlus smartphones you can buy right now.

    OnePlus Nord was one of the best budget smartphones to hit the market lately. It offered a perfect blend of powerful specs, clean software, and an attractive design. Additionally, the phone’s versatile camera hardware proved impressive for the price.

These are some of the best smartphones for him and her on Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong with any of this.

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