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Greatest skinny circumstances for iPhone 12

I’ve never been a fan of protective cases for a new phone, especially when it comes to the flagships I’ve used over the years. The sight of ugly scratches and scuff marks on the shiny device, however, forced me to turn around. Yes, a case hides the design of a phone and also changes the feel of the hand. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. This is where thin cases come to the rescue.

If you’ve decided on the iPhone 12 and are desperate for a case that doesn’t hide the eye-catching flat sides and sharp corners of the iPhone 12, we’re here to help. Check out our roundup of the best thin cases for iPhone 12.

    Spigen claims its thin case fits like a glove, and at just 0.10 inches thick, we tend to believe so. And since it tips the scales at 1.41 ounces, you won’t notice any added weight to your iPhone 12. Plus, the layout with the buttons open saves you the trouble of getting muddy feedback in most cases.

    If you like Apple’s own silicone cases but want them thinner and lighter, you should get the Totallee Thin Case. At 0.02 inches thick, it’s one of the thinnest cases you’ll find anywhere. Aside from keeping scratches at bay, it also has raised lips around the camera lens and supports wireless charging too.

    What if you like the sleek profile of the Totallee Thin case but aren’t a fan of the solid color that hides the iPhone 12’s aesthetic? Well, the company has a clear case solution for you. It has a rubbery finish for added hold and can prevent yellowing in the long run. Most importantly, you can display iPhone 12 in all of its colorful glory.

    The Spigen Liquid Armor case is slim, lightweight, and has a non-slip, matte finish with geometric textures to provide a good grip. More importantly, however, Air Cushion technology is used to provide military protection, all in a profile that is only 0.11 inches thick. And hey, it won’t hinder wireless charging either.

    The Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone 12 offers the best of both worlds – a slim profile and superior protection. Otterbox claims a shelf life of 3X as many drops as the military standard for its offering, which also has an antimicrobial layer on top. And in case you’re wondering, it also supports wireless charging.

    Zagg is known for making a wide range of protective cases, but the Gear4 series has received recognition for the durability aspect it brings to the table. The Gear4 Holborn Slim uses D30 technology for its reinforced side and back panels and is said to provide 10 foot drop protection. It also has a soft-touch finish.

    Apple’s own silicone case might not be the thinnest, but it’s still pretty slim. The rubberized soft-touch finish of this case is simply unparalleled and there is a wide choice of colors. The biggest advantage of this case is that it is compatible with the new Magsafe certified chargers.

    In case you’re unsure of what protection thin cases offer, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Case is a great option. The transparent back is scratch-resistant and does not obstruct the colorful back of the iPhone. The bumper is flat and can brush off drops from heights up to 15 feet.

    The Torras Slim Fit Case for iPhone 12 is only 0.03 inches thick and weighs only 19 grams. Needless to say, it’s light as a feather and hugs the phone like skin. It has a silky finish and is also nano-coated to keep fingerprints and smudges at bay. Thankfully, it has an open button design and supports wireless charging too.

Our selection of the best thin cases for the iPhone 12 list?

Of all the options listed above, the Totallee Thin Case for the iPhone 12 Pro is my favorite. It’s among the thinnest cases out there. And since it comes in a variety of colors, you can choose the shade that best suits your taste. More importantly, it has an open button design which means you won’t miss any clicking tactile feedback. The raised bezels on the back keep the camera lenses in pristine condition.

However, if you don’t mind a slightly thicker profile, Apple’s own silicone case for the iPhone 12 is a great option. In my personal experience, the interface was extremely comfortable and enjoyable. It is also compatible with Apple’s in-house MagSafe charger, so you are covered in this regard too. And yes, the color options on the table are plentiful.

But a protective case is only half the battle when it comes to taking care of your iPhone 12. The other half is a tempered glass screen protector, and believe me, scratches are never a pleasant sight. If you’re looking to get yourself one, then browse our list of the best iPhone 12 screen protectors to save valuable time and browse endless Google search pages and product lists on ecommerce websites.

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