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GoPro’s developer program goals to attach its cameras to automobiles, toys and apps – TechCrunch

GoPro On Thursday, the new developer program was very quietly set, with which the action cameras are to be integrated into as many devices, vehicles and third-party services as possible. The program was announced at a private event in San Francisco that showed the fruits of various partnerships.

The Periscope integration announced earlier this year is an example of what the company is looking to achieve. There was also a snap-on timecode system that lets you sync your footage (announced last week but still new), a mount for kids’ toys from Fisher-Price, and add-ons to track your route and essential statistics when parasailing , Skiing and other extreme activities – you get the general idea. Partnerships with BMW and Toyota also point to more automotive applications in the future.

Perhaps the coolest element shown at the end of this highlight video was a gesture-based camera control system for motorcycle gloves or [insert extreme garment here] prevent you from operating the app.

Presumably, there is hope that this will expand GoPro’s reach and restore the company’s shine (and revenue) after a disappointing earnings report. It turns out that unlike iPhones, people don’t buy a new action camera every year. But dozens of cool new apps and accessories could attract new users, put more miles on existing cameras – or take advantage of features only available in the latest model.

There’s also now a “Works with GoPro” badge – it’s a kind of rite of passage in consumer electronics to get big enough to require curating accessories and then naming that curation process just like everyone else.

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