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GoPro Max evaluation | stuff

If you’re shooting 5.6K footage in all directions instead of comparing the GoPro Max to the last generation Fusion, it makes more sense to compare it to the Insta 360 One X, its main competitor.

The Max is stockier, shorter, clunkier in the middle, but more ergonomic than action cameras. The thickness explains why the GoPro Max has a more visible stitch line than the Insta 360, although everything else benefits the GoPro Max in terms of video quality.

The captured 5.6K footage leaves room for convenient 720p output. The colors on the Max are bolder than those on the Insta 360 One X, and while the Max doesn’t have an HDR mode, we didn’t miss it.

The GoPro Max is also more stable – it looks like the camera is floating on a gimbal or a drone. As with all 360 degree cameras, the details in the center of each lens are stronger.

The footage from the forest was the worst edge we’ve seen on camera in about a month, with most of the cityscapes and country scenes beautifully handled. That is, when the lights fall, every step makes the earth shake and dark spots become loud.

Max TimeWarp is really cool. It’s a time-lapse mode that can be edited in the same way as the standard GoPro Max footage, but with all the effects of panning, zooming, and tilting to create more impact than we’ve seen from a 360 camera before.

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