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GoPro integrates with Periscope – TechCrunch

Action camera manufacturer GoPro integrates with Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. GoPro HERO4 camera owners can stream their adventures straight to Periscope.

As soon as the GoPro When paired with an iPhone, the Periscope app will recognize it and allow users to record their surroundings and share them with a live audience. (The GoPro can still record the videos for later viewing.)

The cameras, popular with surfers and skiers, also made it possible to broadcast on Periscope competitors Meerkat last year. And GoPro has a product called HEROCast, a wireless transmitter for professional broadcasters.

Twitter recently announced that it would integrate Periscope with users Twitter feeds. It’s unclear how many of Periscope’s 10 million accounts are active, but the company claims that more than 40 years of video are viewed on Periscope every day.

Live streaming has become a hit with teenagers who like apps You will now gain further traction. YouTube and Facebook have also introduced live streaming to captivate this growing audience.

Both Twitter and GoPro are at a crossroads, and companies are hoping that using the live streaming space will attract some new fans. Slower user growth caused Twitter stock to hit a record low of $ 17.02 on Monday after Leaving several top executives. GoPro stock also hit a tough spot this month than that Company announced layoffs.

GoPro is expected to report wins next Wednesday and Twitter will report on February 10th.

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