Google Photographs should still stay free for a choose few

Google is ready to stop providing unlimited free backups to its Photos app. However, pixel owners still have the benefit of free backups. In addition, Google should not offer it with the upcoming Pixel devices. According to an update for Google Photos, however, there will be a “save memory” level, which is “free and unlimited” for pixels.

The latest development comes from 9To5Google. In APK cognition, the release has decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. In doing so, they could see different lines of code in this reference to possible future functions. Ultimately, Google may or may not ship these features.

For strangers, there are two main levels for Google Photos “Upload size”. There is an “original quality” that is self-explanatory and counts towards your 15 GB of free storage space in addition to the Google One subscription. The original Google Pixel offered this indefinitely, while the Pixel 2 and 3 were dumped forever to just over three years.

From now on, Pixel 3a and newer devices will receive unlimited “high quality” backup with photos compressed to 16 MP. This option will be retained even if all other devices lose this option on June 1st. There is a third option for Express Backup that compresses images to 3MP. It is available in some countries.

With version 5.41 of Google Photos, the company could now give us a fourth tier for Pixel phones. The option “memory saver” offers a “slightly reduced quality”. One string describes it as “reduced resolution”. The most notable aspect of this new tier is that it is “free and unlimited” and that Pixel phones are clearly referenced. Google could introduce the new tier to ensure that Pixel devices always have unlimited backup as their main selling point.

Prakhar Khanna

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