GM Flying Automotive demonstrated at CES 2021

GM has unveiled a Cadillac flying car. The slim and beautiful eVTOL car could be the car manufacturer’s concept for the next generation of transport.

Passenger drones, drone taxis, automated aircraft (AAV): As some companies like Ehang, Volocopter and others get into flight test programs, major automakers are thinking of the next generation of passenger transport. Fiat Chrysler last week announced a partnership with drone taxi startup Archer to produce a flying car: GM showed a prototype at this year’s CES. Volkswagon already presented a concept under the Porsche Audi brand at the Amsterdam Drone Week 2019.

“GM will invest heavily in its Ultium EV hardware program over the next several years. Early applications will focus on revolutionizing the automotive industry and providing electric vehicles for a variety of customer needs, ”reports CNET.

“The preliminary prototype appears to be a 1-passenger configuration, although the company has indicated future models that can accommodate an additional passenger. Both models would likely be autonomous and would not require pilot input from passengers. Not much else is known about the prototype or expected flight. “

Whatever you call them, small autonomous passenger aircraft solve a significant problem for many cities around the world where ground handling infrastructure cannot be expanded any further. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) concepts agree that vertical space must be used to solve traffic problems.

While automakers are far from introducing the first eVTOL, passenger drone, or flight car models, their entry into the market means that the concept is moving in the mainstream. The existing manufacturing capacities of large automakers like GM could result in an inexpensive flying car being offered for sale if regulations and public acceptance allow eVTOLs as a common means of transport.

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