Girls who could be seen within the 5-year anniversary program of the UAS

Started! The 2021 Women to Watch in UAS Global Awards program for the 5th anniversary is here

Five years together to support and inspire women to push boundaries and thrive.

After guest contribution: Dawn MK Zoldi *

The WTW program elevates the entire UAS / UAM / AAM industry by recognizing those who make a positive difference in it. The The nomination portal is now open and nominations are free! The nomination window will remain open from March 8th (International Women)s day) until May 14th. The following are nomination categories, their descriptors and information about our generous program sponsors:

The Sabrewing Aircraft Leadership Award recognizes a single woman who has an exceptional ability to motivate people or groups to achieve a common goal including, but not limited to: education, politics, research and development, innovation, business, and humanitarian Efforts. Sabrewing Aircraft Company is a manufacturer of unmanned heavy duty vehicles with headquarters in Camarillo, California, USA. Sabrewing’s technologies and products will help grow our customers’ businesses, change the way the world ships air freight, and transform the doctrine of military logistics. Sabrewing is developing innovative technologies in its Dragonworks Lab in Silicon Valley to usher in a new era of advanced unmanned cargo aircraft. “Sabrewing is committed to a diverse workforce and offers opportunities to all qualified engineers, technicians, employees and managers, regardless of ethnicity or gender preference. We are proud and honored to sponsor the WTW Global Leadership Award to pass it on and to win a woman who inspires us and others in this industry. “- Ed De Reyes, Sabrewing CEO

The Iris Automation Entrepreneurship Award recognizes a single innovator who has made a significant impact on the UAS industry and possesses outstanding business acumen and innovative practices that have led to the success of her company, projects, or the efforts of others. Iris automation is an artificial intelligence and security avionics company that develops products that enable drones to operate safely and securely without human intervention. Guide spiritis one of our corporate values ​​and we want to promote it among our employees as well as the community of entrepreneurs shaping the future of aviation. Hence, we are honored to present this award to recognize an outstanding woman who has helped move our industry forward. “- Jon Damush, CEO of Iris Automation

The Skydio Public Safety / Service Award recognizes a single woman who serves the public in any capacity and embodies community engagement or enhancement of service-oriented activities that indicate commitment and sacrifice, including, but not limited to: humanitarian Efforts (drones for good), public order, military / federal / law enforcement or public security efforts, etc. Skydio was founded on the belief that drones will have a massive positive impact on the world and that autonomy – the drone’s ability to perform complex tasks on its own – is key to realizing that impact. Our products and technologies serve first responders and allow them to focus on their mission instead of worrying about how the drone is operating. For this reason we are very happy to sponsor the Skydio Public Safety / Service Award. We look forward to hearing from the amazing women eligible for this recognition and their service stories. “- Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio.

The Unmanned Safety Institute’s Education Award recognizes a single teacher or trainer who actively engages students with drones, shares the value of drones within the curriculum, develops opportunities and programs for drone programs, and others as an ambassador for drone and STEM education professional development offers. The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) takes pride in leading the UAS industry in developing a well-educated, trained, and competent workforce. To meet the human resource needs of the growing UAS industry, it is inherently necessary to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, which is at the core of the mission of women and drones. USI agrees that the UAS industry is an incredible opportunity for women to flourish and build exciting and rewarding careers without diminishing their achievements and achievements. We believe this outcome begins in school and with an instructor or teacher who inspires future industry leaders through their knowledge, passion and genuine desire to see their students succeed beyond their own expectations. The opportunity to be the namesake of the Women To Watch 2021 Education Award is 100% USI-focusedWe couldn’t be more proud to sponsor this award and to see the many incredible candidates nominated for this achievement. “- Josh Olds, President of the Unmanned Safety Institute

The Volatus Aerospace Innovation Team Award recognizes a team, group, company, agency or organization in the drone ecosystem that actively encourages and inspires women to disrupt the UAS industry and develop innovations. Aerospace flights is Canadas largest technology-based provider of unmanned antenna solutions. Volatus has extensive aviation experience and is dedicated to commercializing the full potential of unmanned technologies across America and around the world. We wholeheartedly see the need to promote innovation wherever we can and are looking for various partners in industry and science around the world to work together in joint ventures and strategic alliances to bring our customers the best of innovation and service offerings to offer. The Innovation Team Award embodies who we are and what we are about. We are proud to sponsor it. “- Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus Aerospace

The FoxFury Team Spotlight Award recognizes a global team, group, company, agency or organization in the drone ecosystem whose overall work contributes to the positive public perception of drones (“drones forever”) and at the same time promotes a female culture Empowerment promotes inclusivity when women play key roles in teams and / or in leadership positions FoxFury lighting solutions develops innovative drone technologies that contribute to the continuous development of public safety goals. We pride ourselves on supporting and promoting a positive culture that celebrates the entrepreneurship of our employees. We are honored to present the FoxFury Team Spotlight Award to an outstanding company that is passionate about drone innovation while recognizing the uniqueness of each employee’s ongoing contribution. “- Maria Cugini, Vice President of FoxFury Lighting Solutions

As soon as all nominations are received, a famous jury of international judges will make their selection based on transparent criteria. The winners will be announced live and worldwide at the InterDrone 21 conference in Dallas, Texas during a plenary session and also at the annual Women to Watch in Global UAS Luncheon.

Thanks to these great sponsors and other kind donors, we will be granting these great women and teams a micro-scholarship for the first time this year. In addition to our great sponsors – Sabrewing, Iris, Skydio, USI, Volatus, and FoxFury – several other companies have donated gold to the Women to Watch Global Fund including: Blackswift Technologies (Jack Elston CEO), Transcend air (Peter Schmidt, COO) and Drone industry systems (Mike DiCosola CEO).

Add your own name or companys name by adding to this impressive list of generous donors Women to Watch Global Fund uphold and uphold this life changing recognition program!

* Dawn MK Zoldi (Colonel, US Air Force retired) is the Project Leader for the 5th Anniversary of Women To Watch (WTW) in the UAS Global Awards 2021 initiative. She is a licensed attorney with 28 combined years of service in the U.S. Air Force (25 on active duty and 3 as a civil servant) and the founder and chief executive officer of P3 Tech Consulting, which connects people who have a passion for advanced tech platforms who have plans , Programs, guidelines, and information they need to be successful. To learn more about and visit Dawn P3 Tech Consulting website or join her Patreon community.

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