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Girl killed when scooter crashed into open automobile door in Ludhiana

The woman was killed when the scooter crashed into an open car door; She was taken to a hospital in Ludhiana, where the hospitals pronounced her dead

A passenger was killed when her two-wheeler crashed into an open car door on Thursday evening.

The victim, Pooja Verma, 33, from New Karamsar Colony, Tibba Road, was driving with her husband Vinod Verma on their scooter from Jamalpur on Chandigarh Road towards Police Colony when the car suddenly braked in front of them.

The complainant, Vinod Verma, said he took a sharp turn to cross the car without pushing into it. But just at that moment, the woman who was sitting in the back seat of the car, regardless of the traffic, tore her car door open and the scooter crashed into it.

The driver of the car took Pooja and Vinod to the Christian Medical College and Hospital, but fled when Pooja was pronounced dead by the doctors.

Deputy Sub-Inspector ASI Harjinder Singh said an FIR had been registered under Sections 304A (death from negligence) and 337 (hasty act that endangers human life) of the Indian Criminal Code. The police tried to track down the accused based on the license plate number of the car.

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