Scooters And One Wheels

Girl assaults one other woman whereas driving scooter; later riot on the police station | Girl attacking scooter using woman

Angamaly (Ernakulam): A woman caused a stir after meeting another lady on Saturday night who was riding a scooter here in TB Junction. After the attack, Ms. Kochuthressia, alias Sipsy, 48, who was born as Angamaly Parakkadavu, was arrested by the police. She is charged with several robbery cases, it is learned.

Sipsy was out on a scooter and attacked another young lady who was also on the scooter, claiming she hadn’t strayed from her path. She also tried to strangle the 20-year-old woman and ripped her clothes together with screaming abusive words.

The locals informed the police about the incident. Sipsy refused to surrender, however, and the police tried to catch her. The young woman, who was seriously injured, was hospitalized. In the meantime, Sipsy continued to riot at the police station.

The policewomen tried to calm them down. Police said she was already involved in robbery and drug cases. She is on the list of criminals. When her husband left her, she was living with a 20-year-old criminal.

Sipsy has a habit of acting weird when the police try to catch her. Previously, she abused the police with abusive language, threw away human garbage and issued suicide threats. It is learned that there was another woman with Sipsy when she attacked the scooter driver. The police said they will try to find her.

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