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Let Get Healthy U TV join you on your fitness journey! No more aimless YouTube searching for random workouts. Get Healthy U TV is your go-to resource for at-home workout videos and health tips. An expert team will keep you motivated and help you achieve real results! Sign up today to start your free trial, with a low price of $2.99 for the first full year (normally $79!)

Premium Membership

  • Workout Tips
  • Library of over 150 workouts (new programs added regularly)
  • Monthly workout calendars
  • Official private Facebook group access
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Ask the Expert Program

How It Works

  • Get your butt kicked w/ a HIIT workout or challenge yourself w/ a low impact option
  • Check out all programs including kickboxing, dance, strength training, yoga & more!
  • Push yourself & be the fittest version of you

“I’ve been teaching fitness classes for 25 years and am a group-fitness junkie! What stops many people from getting in shape is not knowing where to start. At GHUTV you don’t have to come up with the workouts yourself. With our expanding library of classes and workout calendars, there’s a plan for virtually any fitness goal, whether it’s to lose baby weight or build muscle and definition…we’ve got the plan covered. All you have to do is show up, sweat and do it again tomorrow!”

-Chris Freytag, Founder of Get Healthy U TV


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