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Futuristic BMW electrical scooter prepared for collection manufacturing, present design submissions

New design submissions for the BMW CE 04 show that the radical electric scooter may be about to go into series production.

We first got wind of the BMW CE 04 project last August when BMW registered a number of new brands for motorcycles and scooters.

Then we finally got our first look at the new electric scooter last November when the company unveiled its CE 04 electric scooter concept, indicating that it could potentially go into production quickly.

The design filings we see today have been submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office and show a vehicle that looks very similar to the original concept from last November.

In fact, the scooter stays surprisingly true to shape compared to the concept vehicle – something that is never guaranteed in the automotive industry.

The design is almost unchanged. The only major updates are a new rear fender that includes a license plate holder, turn signals and a new pair of mirrors.

All of these updates are required for homologation purposes, which indicates that this may be the production version of the scooter.

In this case, we can assume that BMW is introducing the CE 04 as the company’s next generation electric scooter, following in the footsteps of the somewhat outdated BMW C Evolution electric scooter first announced in 2013.

We don’t have any real technical data on the scooter yet, as BMW has not officially presented it as a production vehicle. But we get our best view yet of the dead battery mounted on the bottom of the scooter, as well as an underside view of the motor.

The BMW C Evolution Scooter used a battery module borrowed from the BMW i3 electric car. It is not yet clear whether the BMW CE 04 would pursue a similar strategy and adopt an existing BMW battery module.

In any case, this extremely low mounting position is likely to provide improved handling and lower the perceived weight of the scooter by lowering the center of gravity that low.

Original concept art from BMW

While there is still no guarantee that the CE 04 will go into production anytime soon, these latest developments suggest a high likelihood that BMW will make an official unveiling sometime this year.

Hopefully by then we will have more information on performance and specifications.

Until then we just speculate wildly. Join me in the comments below and let’s hear your thoughts on what this futuristic electric scooter is going to pack.


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