Fruity Slides Drone Parachute Launch

CA-based Fruity Chutes, manufacturer of parachute recovery systems for drones and other aerospace systems, has launched an important element of the recovery solution: the Raven On-Landing Parachute Release (ROPR). The patent-pending ROPR enables a parachute to automatically detach from a payload upon landing – thereby limiting the damage caused when a payload is dragged across the ground by the wind. “In contrast to other on-landing release devices, the Raven on-landing parachute release was specially developed for UAV and rocket technology and is light, compact and easy to use,” said a press release from the company.

Drone parachutes have a great advantage in commercial operations. As an additional level of security in the event of an unexpected failure, drone parachute systems have helped commercial operators obtain exemptions for flights over people. For commercial or scientific flights with expensive airframes and sometimes even more expensive sensors, a drone parachute can reduce the loss or damage of payloads.

The ROPR is a seemingly simple device, but it is actually a sophisticated solution. “In order to work reliably, the ROPR has an internal hold timer, which ensures that the parachute is not released prematurely after the first use due to opening jumps or other operational shocks. The hold timer locks the device while the parachute opens and is unstable, ”the press release said. “After the hold timer has been steadily descending under the slide for 4 to 6 seconds, it rotates to allow release only after landing – when the parachute pull is unloaded. Under no circumstances can the parachute be released early as long as the main parachute is open and the ROPR remains under load. “

Fruity slides don’t limit their solution to drones: they can also be used for missiles and other unmanned systems. “Additional uses include, but are not limited to, waterdrop payloads such as sonoboys, which require the payload to peel off after being hosed, and airdrop systems,” the press release said. “For individuals undergoing ASTM flight tests, the ROPR can minimize damage from multiple test flights where wind conditions can damage the tested drone.”

“I have personally seen that after landing in windy conditions, valuable high-powered rockets are towed for miles and suffer severe damage,” said Gene Engelgau, CEO of Fruity Chutes. “Once we had to go to chase a missile that was being pulled and my son had to attack the missile to stop it. I designed the Raven device with the intention of helping others prevent this high stress situation. “

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