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Free Version of SkyeBrowse Launched Today: Drone Reality Capture App

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, drone reality capture platform SkyeBrowse announced the launch of a free version of its app with limited features. Upon downloading the SkyeBrowse app, users are able to fly a mission with a supported drone, upload the video to create a simple 3D model, and fly a wide-range mapping WideBrowse mission. In order to access the app’s full suite of features, such as measurements, annotations and factual diagrams, users will require SkyeBrowse Premium, with a free trial period of two weeks available to all new users.

“We wanted to make SkyeBrowse more accessible to everyone, so we’ve decided to make our basic product free to anyone who wants to try it out and make 3D models,” said SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “It’s easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for enterprise users. We hope that the product will speak for itself and create curiosity to try more features.”

Through the use of patented videogrammetry technology, SkyeBrowse generates 3D models that are accurate to the centimeter. The SkyeBrowse app is able to instruct a drone to fly autonomously and record video footage with just a single push of a button. After uploading the gathered footage to the SkyeBrowse website, the processing technology layers thousands of video frames in order to generate a 3D model within mere minutes.

SkyeBrowse is available at several package levels with supplemental features, such as the recently launched SkyeBrowse Hyper, capable of generating a hyper-realistic, textured 3D model with 500% faster processing speed. Additional add-ons are able to be purchased separately, including step-by-step training modules.

SkyeBrowse sees use by more than 300 agencies throughout the US and has saved over 20,000 man hours on traditional accident reconstruction.

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